Sunday, 10 December 2006

Abject apologies

You can throw rocks; I deserve it.

...I have not died or fallen ill. I decided at the very last minute after much dithering to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year. I had been plugging away at sort of pretending to write a novel for quite some time, without making any significant progress. I mean, who has time for writing when you're doing two blogs, reading many others and spending too much time online?

Seeing as I have never been good at juggling obsessions, I plunged into one and abandoned the other. My mother told me I should put up a post to tell people what was up (always listen to your mother) and she was right, but I didn't do it. I was afraid, I guess, that I would get pulled away from the writing... If you throw rocks, I will fully understand.

I'm still contemplating what role this blog is going to play in the future. I do believe I'll start posting again, but probably not as frequently, and I won't have as much time to devote to reading the many excellent ones on my list (see sidebar if you're interested). I have decided that I am going to finish that novel, come hell or high water, and then do all the necessary rewrites and then even try to sell the darn thing.

All in all, NaNoWriMo was a positive experience for me. I needed a kick in the butt and I got it. And now that I've said publicly to so many people that I'm going to finish this novel and try to sell it, I can't back down any more.

So I do apologize for not letting you know what was up. No really good excuse for that.

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