Friday, 14 September 2007

Really cool science news

For all you geeks and geek-wannabes (I guess I fit into the second category) with too little time to sift through the mountains of news coming out of the labs of the world, I have the perfect solution.


Edward Willett is a writer who wears many hats, among them science columnist. And he regularly shares his best findings on his blog. The latest offering: a laser thruster that could shorten a trip to Mars to under seven days. If it pans out, travel within the solar system suddenly becomes much more doable and our children will be telling their wide-eyed offspring, "When I was your age, there was no such thing as week-end trips to the Moon." (Mine were aghast to learn that I grew up without videos or microwaves, but that's another story.)

I thought I'd one-upped Ed a few days ago when I forwarded him a very cool story about the possibility of using seawater for fuel, but no. He'd seen the story and thought the technology was just too iffy at this point to post it. Ah well. Another day.

So check out his blog and subscribe if you like tales of the weird and the wonderful.

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