Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Thanksgiving memories

Seeing as so many of my American friends are blogging about Thanksgiving, I figured I didn't have to be deprived just because I'm Canadian.

I'm thinking back too many years to my first Thanksgiving after I left home. My roommate was out of town, so I decided that I - yes I - would host the family's Thanksgiving dinner. Seeing as the "family" in town was reduced to my grandmother and one aunt/uncle couple, this wasn't too intimidating a task. Except that I was 18 and making Thanksgiving turkey for my grandmother!

My kitchen was smaller than most walk-in closets nowadays, but I nonetheless produced the traditional feast, roast turkey with home-made stuffing and gravy being the requisite centrepiece. It got quiet during meal-time, always a good sign, and then my grandmother leaned back, heaved a great sigh of contentment, and pronounced her verdict.

"NOW you can get married."

Grandma's long gone, but she still makes me smile after all these years with that crack. Most especially because she wasn't trying to be funny.

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