Friday, 12 September 2008

But when you've got election blahs, there's nothing like aliens to spice things up

Blossom GoodchildBecause on October 14th, the aliens are coming. According to Australian author, actress and psychic Blossom Goodchild, a massive spaceship will hover over Alabama (???) for 72 hours starting on October 14, to silence naysayers once and for all. Not to worry. The spaceship comes from the Federation of Light. (Not the Galactic Federation of Light, as some have erroneously stated.)

Canadian UFOlogist Stephane Wuttunee has noted the the convergence of dates also. And he has an explanation.
To stir the waters even further, consider that the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper in the last week has called for surprise federal elections to occur on (you guessed it) … October 14th, 2008. According to Mr. Alfred Webre from, world officials are taking the announcement of the arrival of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in our skies seriously, and plans may already be underway to pull public focus away from such a seminal event and place it on more domestic and political issues instead. In this case, the controversy generated by surprise federal elections would tie up Canadian airwaves quite nicely. If extraterrestrials wish for their presence to be known to the world on that day, they would need to account for this type of potential interference, along with one million other variables.

Of course, being highly evolved Beings, they (hopefully) would.

Well yes, because a Canadian election would certainly be a major distraction from an alien manifestation, wouldn't it? The global press will be massively present in Ottawa and completely unwilling to peel their attention away from the spectacle of Stephen and Stephane duking it out. And Canadians themselves will be too transfixed to notice anything else at all.

Works every time.

His article concludes with a fascinating little video that demonstrates how Goodchild's channeling of the term "snow cone" proves the absolute validity of the October 14th prediction.

Feel like you're entering another dimension? Yeah, I did too. But I haven't laughed so long and so hard in a while, so I am grateful.

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Election blahs

With elections coming up both north and south of the border, I am finding great difficulty drumming up enthusiasm for either contest. Amba is even worse off:
I'm so disgusted all around that I'm teetering on that "UNDECIDED: whether to vote or not" precipice these days. Each campaign keeps going to extremes that drive me toward the other. Right now I'm feeling that the Republicans don't deserve to be rewarded for this kind of anything-goes campaigning. Yesterday it was Obama supporters' clueless arrogance that was driving me towards McCain.

It is rather a sad thing when you have to vote for whomever disgusts you least. Do all the nasty, sneering partisans not realize that they are driving undecideds further away?

Granted, the Americans have the disease of nasty partisanship worse than we do. Perhaps that is one of the inherent failings of a two-party system: it is so much easier to become polarized.

Still, there are plenty of Canadians who are afflicted also. Some of them, unfortunately, work for political parties. I suspect the puffin incident will blow over rather quickly, seeing as it was so quickly disowned by the Conservatives. People who are too young to remember kitten-eating aliens and the Charest Conservatives' attack ads sneering at Chr├ętien's facial paralysis and how disastrously they back-fired should not be put in charge of websites unsupervised.

I personally am trying to ignore political advertising as much as humanly possible. No one party excites me. Unlike Amba, I am not going to fall off a cliff. As a moderate, the smaller parties are unlikely to get my vote. Of the two major parties, neither one excites my admiration. But one has dug a larger hole in my esteem over the years than the other, so for this election, I'm probably going to vote for the one with the shallower hole. Not very inspiring, but a girl has to decide somehow.

If anybody can cite me reasons why either the Liberals or Conservatives deserve some admiration, I am willing to listen. I can think of a couple of things myself, but they neither one has enough positives to turn those holes into hills.

And if anybody wants to put a good word in for one side or another in the American race, feel free too. The operative term is "good word". I am sick to death of sneers and mud-slinging.

(Yes, I know my recent post about Jack Layton had a bit of a sneer to it. But just a bit. That level of political cluelessness is hard to ignore.)

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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Taliban just doesn't get public relations

Now they're trying to influence Canadian voters. They want us to vote for someone who will pull our soldiers out of Afghanistan. To make sure we get the message, they're stepping up attacks on our troops.

You've got to feel sorry for Jack Layton. Both Harper and Dion have made it clear that they are committed to staying in Afghanistan, and that they won't be intimidated by Taliban threats. The only major nation-wide party calling for a withdrawal is the NDP. By default, the Taliban is saying, "Vote NDP." Which puts poor Layton in the awkward position of trying to defend a platform plank that gets a stamp of approval from the Taliban.

Somehow I don't think they'll be mentioning this "endorsement" on the NDP website.

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Changing generations

It was the teenagers who told me that I had crossed over. Not with words. It was the way they looked at me. I still thought of them as younger brothers and sisters, but it was clear that they saw me now as a "them" not an "us". With three children, I was definitely on the side of the parents.

It took me a long time to get used to it. I thought of myself as a young person who had acquired some children, but no. I had been booted up a generational bracket, whether I accepted it or not. My life was full of mini-vans and diapers and parent-teacher meetings.

Now it's happening again. No, I am not announcing the arrival or even the future arrival of any grandchildren. But whether I like it or not, I am slowly being eased up another generational bracket. My nest is empty (although one fledgling is contemplating a return), my hair is grey, my waistline is, um, ample, and I'm handing out unsolicited advice. All the symptoms are there. Actual grandchildren will only be the confirmation.

And really, I'm not sure I'm ready. Life expectancies being what they are nowadays, there are a lot of people up in the fourth generational bracket, which means there are still a lot of people I consider old codgers, even as the generation below me considers me an old codger, and they - though they probably don't quite realize it - are considered kind of old themselves by the generation below. It's positively dizzying.

I think I'll go cry on my mother's shoulder.

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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Can pink elephants be that far behind?

Green polar bearsThey're not changing the water as often at the Higashiyama zoo. Maybe they should make an exception for the polar bear pond.

The increased algae has entered the bears' hollow hairs and the result is green polar bears.

On the other hand, it makes for a great publicity stunt. I mean really, how many of you had heard of the Higashiyama zoo before?

And on a more serious note, how many realized that polar bears had hollow, transparent hairs? The hollowness is for insulation purposes, of course. And polar bears normally appear white because they reflect back the full spectrum of light, just like snow.

Walrus is pleased to present this infotainment moment as a free public service.

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