Monday, 9 October 2006

Train tickets to the Walrus

People sometimes take the strangest routes to end up at The Walrus Said! These people rarely stay long, but their train tickets amuse, bemuse, or sometimes confuse me.

Here are some of the more unusual search terms that lead people to this blog.
  • walrus that have no face (One of the most ignored of minority groups. Stop the conspiracy of silence now!)
  • letter of concern by pastor to absenteeism (No, I have no idea why that pointed in this direction.)
  • the walrus and the carpenter religion (Hey, if they can build religions around Star Wars or Elvis...)
  • walrus kipling (Sorry, sweetie. Kipling didn't write about walruses. But Walrus wrote about Kipling...)
  • Walrus speech (Normally slow and incomprehensible. Except here.)
  • dangers of walrus leather (Another vital issue deliberately ignored by the MSM)
  • reinstate computer to 06 08 06 (Or else!)
  • sociology ethanol (There must be a university course on it somewhere.)
  • said lost (several times and usually by Germans) (Warum also? Das verstehe ich gar nicht.)
  • weird and white and needy (It is absolutely amazing how many people get the title to Weird Al's White and Nerdy wrong. And they all come here.)
  • church of walrus (I am speechless)
  • walrus effect (Google had no idea either)
  • walrus toilet (I really don't want to know)

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Jack's Shack said...

I always enjoy looking at how people find my blog.

Fern R said...

This is one of my favorite subjects. I can't decide if search engines have enabled idiots or if they have caused people to be more idiotic.

reading1001 said...

haha... I LOVE this page of your blog. Chuckle-out-loud-worthy.

I bet the germans are searching for the character called "Sayid" in Lost (the TV show). :)

p.s. I am gonna try all 1001 books. :)

Janet said...

The mystery is solved! Thanks reading1001. I'm not a TV person and have yet to see an episode of Lost, which explains why this confused me.

All 1001? Wow...

Anonymous said...

and I used, "the time has come the walrus said" how very very drole of me...I will have to look for more creative wording...seems it might be fun...


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