Friday, 13 October 2006

North Korea by night

Rumsfeld's second favourite photo or no, this picture was too striking not to pass on. North Korea shuts off the lights - and all electricity - at 9:00 pm. That one little dot of light is Pyongyang where the Beloved Leader lives. From the Daily Mail.

Great place to be an amateur astronomer, presuming any of them can afford telescopes.


Adrian MacNair said...

Hard to be afraid of a nation that turns off the lights and goes to bed at 9pm. Hell, I get up at 5am and still go to sleep at 11:30.

Janet said...

Guess you're not a believer in "early to bed, early to rise" eh? At least not the first part.

Saskboy said...

So I guess refrigerators aren't a big seller over there.

Adrian MacNair said...

It always feels like death in the morning but by the time I get off work I feel my second wind. Then knowing that the sooner you go to bed the sooner you will be getting up to go to work helps the staying up part.


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