Friday, 13 October 2006

Second Muslim mole helped foil bomb plot

Mubin ShaikhWe now find out that there was not one, but two Muslim moles working within the terrorist cell that was planning attacks in Toronto. The first, Mubin Shaikh, seen at fight, came to public attention about a month after the arrests.

The existence of the second, who is now in a witness protection programme and whose identity will not be revealed, was reported today by the CBC.
However, the CBC has learned that he played a key role in the investigation that led to dramatic raids in the Toronto area in June.

"He really felt, as a loyal Muslim Canadian, like he owed Canada something, to give back to it," said a close friend and former business associate who, for security reasons, can't be named. "And it's not surprising to see that he did that for the cause of Canada."
The mole, a young agricultural engineer, apparently provided key evidence to investigators and will be an important Crown witness when the matter comes to trial.

This is exactly what many Canadians have been calling for: members of the Muslim community who will put their loyalty to Canada and the protection of innocents ahead of any sympathies with misguided co-religionists. I suppose it won't carry much weight with those who are determined to hate all Muslims and to see them all as terrorists, but it should. These men didn't just talk the talk, they walked the walk.

And if terrorism is to be defeated in the West, this is the kind of collaboration that is absolutely essential. The Muslim community itself is our first line of defence.

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Adrian MacNair said...

More than this, if we are to defeat radical Islam, the Islamists themselves must reject the radical elements within. I commend those who came forward, but we must remember that often attacks which were successful are those which occured because of the silence of others.

Janet said...

Well, that's why I'm encouraged that this time there were a couple of guys who weren't silent. And Shaikh is even very fundamentalist. That's doubly encouraging.

It is troubling they had to put the other guy in a witness protection programme though. Even a friend of his who was interviewed on TV was in silhouette only.


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