Friday, 11 August 2006

Blatant MSM fraud

(MSM, for the uninitiated, is blogspeak for MainStream Media. I finally figured it out a couple of days ago. Yes, I'm new here too...)

This is not new news, but I thought it worthy of passing on. I'm sure 99% of the Canadian blogosphere is aware of how blogger Stephen Taylor caught the CBC red-handed in fraudulently skewing a story on Stephen Harper's stance on the Middle East.

If you're a Canadian, and you haven't seen this, you should. And after watching, tell the CBC what you think.

If you're not a Canadian, watch and see how shamelessly media can warp a story until it turns into something completely different. This is not a purely Canadian phenomenon and it might help you know what questions to ask when watching media coverage in your own country. Please note: in this case, it is a right-wing politician being placed in front of a funhouse mirror and then pilloried for being grotesque. It could just as easily have been a left-wing politician. (OK, maybe not on CBC, but on other networks.) This is not a right wing/left wing issue - it's an integrity issue.

For the media to take issue with a politician's positions is legitimate; it's called editorializing. To misrepresent those positions is dishonest. The CBC and Christina Lawand should be charged with libel.

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