Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Gleanings from the blogosphere, Oct. 18

Alan at Maverick Views presents a very good argument why the Democrats' rising star Barack Obama should NOT aim for the presidency in 2008.

Greg at Sippican Cottage is holding forth on the follies committed in the name of business. He has administrators nailed cold.
These gentlemen thought that the building of large and complicated things out in the landscape from Canada to Florida and Martha's Vineyard to Sausalito existed simply to give them figures to Rubik around on their desktop. They did not realize that they existed to support the actual operation. They thought they were the actual operation. Everyone in the government makes this same mistake, 25 hours a day, 11 days a week, by the way. A quarter of a billion dollars was going through that business a year. Very few of my colleagues had ever seen one bit of it generated.

John Burgess at Crossroads Arabia has an interesting round-up of opinions and reactions to the veil debate currently going on in the UK, as a result of Jack Straw's remarks.

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Crazy Eddie said...

Great blog...

Refreshing to say the least.

Press on...

SippicanCottage said...

I wasn't following along closely with your comments, and thought I was a Democratic rising star that upset Jack Straw somehow, but now I see I was mistaken.

Carry on.

Janet said...

My goodness, your sense of identity is easily confused. Glad you got it straightened out in the end.

*still laughing*


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