Monday, 2 October 2006

Violent protests in Palestine may be sign of hope [Updated]

I know that sounds perverse, but I think that the only real hope for Palestinians is to reject both Hamas and Fatah and enter the real world. They need to accept that Israel is not going to go away, and that if their Arab brethren haven't risen up to liberate them since 1948, that might just mean they never will (60 years is a long time for a message to sink in). Coming out into the real world will entail a painful re-ordering of mentalities, but now that the enablers have cut off financial support, Palestinian fantasies might finally die.

That's why I think the riots in Palestine, which have both Hamas and Fatah worried, might actually be a good thing, as the Palestinian "street" starts to realize that their leaders have never brought them anything but grief.

One can hope, anyway.

[Update] It would appear I spoke too soon. Other news releases make it clear that the fighting is between the rival factions of Hamas and Fatah, not a rejection of the two of them together. No encounter of any kind with reality on the horizon.

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