Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Live from the Twilight Zone

Code Name Nora
Life as it is really lived in a retirement home

Octogenarian Nora is blogging live from her senior citizens' home, dubbed the Twilight Zone by the inhabitants. It is sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious, always interesting. Personally, I see the eventual makings of a book.

In the very youth-centered culture of the Internet, it is refreshing to hear a voice from another perspective, all the more so when that voice is so articulate and entertaining.

The blog is entitled Code Name Nora, and I do hope she's code naming all the other characters too. It gets pretty personal.

Hat tip to Annie at Ambivablog.

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Holly Kennedy said...

Very interesting!
Hope all is well at your end these days. Take care :)

Janet said...

She's great, isn't she? The woman really has a voice.

All is well here. I've been stalled in my writing because of needed research, but I'm ready to start up again.


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