Sunday, 23 November 2008

Summer Breeze

My father-in-law's car radio is permanently set to a Golden Oldies station. I'm old enough that the songs often date from my childhood and teens. Most of the time, I cringe in embarrassment. I can't believe we listened to that!

But not today. This was the first big hit from Seals and Croft, a beautiful ode to everyday life, and part of the soundtrack of my teens.

ETA: Can you think of any other songs that celebrate contentment so beautifully? Extra points for anything post-70s.

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Janna Qualman said...

GREAT song. I only wish my speakers were working, so I could have a listen right now...

Janet said...

OK Janna, I'm throwing out a challenge to you and anyone else who cares to take it on. What other songs do you know of that make contentment seem achingly beautiful? Extra points for anything written and/or recorded after the 70s.


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