Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Oh du froehliche

A German boys' choir - the Regensburger Domspatzen - singing a cappella for Christmas Eve. This is one of my favourite German carols that doesn't get wide play in English. I'm not sure if it was originally written in German or not, but ever since my high school German teacher made us learn it and lead the school in singing it (speaking euphemistically) I've had a soft spot for it nonetheless.

The choir (the Regensburg Dome Sparrows) goes back more than a thousand years, which in itself inspires thoughts of eternity, doesn't it?

And I would like to wish all readers of this blog a very merry and blessed Christmas and a happy Chanukah season.

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Holly Kennedy said...

Happy holidays to you as well.
And may 2009 be kind to you.

Janet said...

You too, Holly. Much success with your new book.

Eva said...

Happy holidays! :)

Janet said...

Back atcha, Eva. Hope your studies go really well.


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