Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I hope this idea is contagious

Cell phone on busThe Outaouais transit corporation is going to ask those annoying bus riders who bellow into their cell phones to pipe down. In extreme cases, they're even prepared to apply fines.

Now can they do something about the people who have loud prolonged conversations in movie theatres and churches? Please?

Apparently Australia has prohibited cell phone use on trains altogether. A bit of overkill there, it seems to me.

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John Burgess said...

Some US cinemas are using blocking technology to prevent cell phone interruptions.

They have to make some sort of arrangement, though, for people like doctors who actually might have to answer an emergency call.

I'll be the first to point out that everyone's emergency isn't everyone's emergency. Some people are fuller of themselves than circumstances warrant.

But if it's me in an ER and my doctor on the other end of the call, I consider it a real emergency!

Janet said...

That makes sense.

The Outaouais transit company has a good take on it, I think. They don't really want to fine people, just make them aware that there are limits to the volume of their communications. It is a bus system, after all, and people are presumably having a number of face-to-face conversations anyway, unlike (hopefully) a cinema.


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