Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Quote of the day

Dorothy L. Sayers
Our speculations about Shakespeare are almost as multifarious and foolish as our speculations about the maker of the universe, and, like those, are frequently concerned to establish that his works were not made by him but by another person of the same name.

- Dorothy L. Sayers

Hat tip to Novel Journey


Gary said...

I like this. I'll have to put it in my quote book.

So, sorry I have not been around to participate more, and that my participation online recently has been so one-sided. Hopefully, I am in a better position to remedy that situation now.

It is nice popping in here, as your blog tends to be, on the one hand, very informative and of mental substance, and often fun in a tongue-in-cheek way, too. I always enjoy them.

Janet Ursel said...

You have nothing to apologize for, don't be silly.

And thank you for all the kind words.


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