Monday, 4 September 2006

Gleanings from the blogosphere, Sep. 4

Jack at After the Future is deeply concerned about a militaristic culture that is rotting out the American soul, while defending himself from charges of being a left-wing flake.
The enemy that most threatens America is not Islamic terrorism. Terrorism is small apples in comparison to the internal threat of those who are nudging us toward becoming a militarist authoritarian state. This kind of thing doesn't happen over night. It's not something that in a society as complex as ours could happen with a sudden military coup. It's something we are drifting into. It's something for which the foundation is being laid quietly and unobtrusively justified by a rationale that is partially true--the struggles against communism or terror. It's something allowed by a nation's citizens because they are angry or frightened, and they turn to hardliner authoritarian types who present themselves as the protecting father, the strong man who will keep them safe.

Over at Donklephant, Justin proclaims the evangelicals scare him. I'm afraid I got a little provoked and called him on a few points. The whole thing smacked of bigotry to me. People came down on both sides of the issue in the comment section.

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