Thursday, 7 September 2006

Guilt-free Schadenfreude

Amba at Ambivablog reports that the new season of Survivor is having difficulty retaining corporate sponsors. Although they refuse to admit it, advertisers are evidently ill at ease with this season's format, which organizes the participants into opposing camps based on race.

I've never cared for Survivor or its many clones. Games that are designed to encourage lying and betrayal don't rate very high on my respectometer. That they actively encourage the viewers to delight in it, drops them even further.

The new season's concept pushed it down into new sub-zero numbers in my estimation. To know that they have been having trouble retaining viewers and now sponsors makes me chuckle in virtuous wicked glee. And I don't feel even the slightest whiff of guilt. I hope the whole show gets voted off the island once and for all.

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