Friday, 18 August 2006

A brawl with hardline Buddhist monks

How's that for a set of words you don't often see together? I had to rub my eyes and reread it, too.

Not only were they brawling, but they were on both sides of the fight. A peace protest in the capital of Sri Lanka turned violent when monks in favour of cracking down hard on Tamil Tigers mounted onto the stage where other monks were part of the group pleading for peace, as the island's old civil war revives itself.

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Patrick Martin said...

That's really kind of depressing. I did some digging and found a picture from the brawl. It's here at StubbornFacts.

By the way, I think the redesign is not bad at all. But right now I can't find any link to get back to the home page from within a specific post. I always prefer it when the title at the top of each page is a link back to the front page of the blog.

Janet said...

What can I say, Pat? The new blogger program is in beta. I also prefer it when the title takes you to the home page. In the meanwhile, you could always click on the word "Home" just under the comments... ;o)

Patrick Martin said...

To quote Homer: D'oh!

Translated from the Greek, that means: Oy, vey!

Or perhaps: Ich bien ein Dumbkopf!


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