Saturday, 19 August 2006

Gleanings from the blogosphere, Aug. 19

Captain Ed thinks that Hamas is trying to have its cake and eat it too. They kidnap Israeli soldiers as a part of their policy and then scream like crazy when Israel does it right back to them. Make up your minds - either kidnapping is legitimate or it isn't. And if it is, then the other guy had the right to do it too.

The same argument could perhaps be leveled at Israel, but there are a couple of differences. First of all, everybody knows where Israel is keeping its captives and what their state of health and care is. Second, Israel is targetting people who actually bear some personal responsibility.

Greg at Sippican Cottage looks at life through a wonderfully lyrical lens, and shares the view with us. Today's homage to childhood baseball games turns into an ode to the dignity of work. He has the gift of making remarkably readable prose feel like poetry, the kind you read because you want to, not because it's in the text book. Absolutely wonderful stuff.

Tim at tells a sweet story of his son wanting to repay his Christmas gift and turns it into a parable of the grace of God.

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