Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Gleanings from the blogosphere, Aug. 15

Thomas Sowell has some interesting thoughts on discrimination and gay marriage. He contends that laws exist precisely to discriminate against certain actions. And that the laws on marriage are a restriction of individuals' rights, not an expansion of rights to be aspired to. Some very tight, interesting reasoning here. Hat tip to Booker Rising.

Eteraz makes a plea for a "regular Islam", distinguishing between theological Islam, with which he has no argument, and social Islam, about which he has plenty to say.

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Weekend Fisher said...

Did Mohammed make a distinction between theological and social Islam? Does theological Islam make a distinction between theological and social Islam?

Janet said...

To the best of my knowledge, no. Islam is at its very core designed to be a state religion. The Christian preoccupation with the heart is specifically scorned in Islam and the Quran, with external compliance being the only measure accepted as valid.

Eteraz is a somewhat westernized Muslim as far as I can see, attempting a synthesis between Islam and Western individualism. I don't think he's entirely unique in this, although I suspect most of the Muslims attempting to live in peace with Western society don't grapple as directly with the issues - they just get on with their lives pragmatically.

What is clearly implied in your question is that Eteraz is trying to make a distinction that doesn't really exist, trying to square the circle. You could very well be right, and I'd encourage you to hop over to his blog and ask him the question directly.


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