Thursday, 14 September 2006

Amnesty accuses Hezbollah

Amnesty International, after blasting Israel, is now accusing Hezbollah of war crimes because of its targetting of civilians with Katyusha rockets. Hezbollah, it will come as no surprise, does not agree and claims that they were just responding to Israeli attacks. Now, maybe my memory is fuzzy, but it seems to me that they had been lobbing Katyushas at Israel for quite some time before war broke out, so this argument seems disingenuous at best. Or, in plainer English, they're lying.
Amnesty is preparing another report studying whether Hezbollah contributed to civilian deaths in Lebanon by hiding among civilians, Nicole Choueiry, a spokesman for Amnesty in Britain, said.

High time. The use of human shields is utterly despicable, and I can't understand why there hasn't been a greater outcry over it. Well, actually, I can, but it makes me a little ill.

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