Friday, 15 September 2006

Daddy blogs

Who knew? There is such a thing as a Daddy Blog. Of course, if you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. There are probably blogs for just about everything. But I am the kind of person who hasn't stopped to think about a lot of things, so it surprised me.

Following the breadcrumbs left by a recent commenter, I found myself in Total Depravity, which defies its name and turns out to be a wonderful little blog about being a daddy, with everything from personal anecdotes - told with a deft touch - to poetry to the bizarre. I mean, what would YOU do if it was your dad who told you to jump off a bridge?

The blogroll is entitled Blogfathers (groan) with one of the listees sporting the wonderful name of A Family Runs Through It.

I was at a student party a number of years ago (OK, so it was a LOT of years ago) where one of the young men caught my eye. He'd taken the hosts' baby and was cradling the sleeping child on his shoulder, even as he carried on animated discussions with the other students. I was very impressed.

I'll let you guess the end of the story. There's something about a guy who really likes kids...

It's nice to know that beer commercials do not tell the entire story. These Daddy blogs show another side of men, one we should probably see more often.


Jared said...

Hey, at least I didn't turn it into a website! ;) 'Dad bloggers' just wasn't succinct enough for my taste.

Glad you enjoy the site, and thanks for the kind words! The more people who read my blog who aren't my mother, the better.

Janet said...

LOL! My mother is a faithful reader too. Hi Mom!


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