Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Instant Celebrity in Hollywood

Dispatch from LA (only slightly retouched):

K, so Mondays are gonna be our day off, so today being Monday they decided to bring us to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We went inside a mall, and we decided to crowd around this guy named Shaun and pretend he was someone super famous. We asked him for autographs and everything. We just wanted to see if anyone else would start crowding around.

Anyways, after about 2 minutes there were 200 people around taking pictures. Flashes were going everywhere, and people who didn't know him were asking to take pictures with him. It was the most hilarious thing ever! These people had no idea who he was, but they figured that he seemed to be famous so they might as well take advantage and get a picture and autograph. Security showed up eventually and that's when we ran out, and the crowd followed... security didn't.

That definitely made my day.

Style over substance in the land where image is everything!

One of my sons just headed to Los Angeles for a 9-month stint at the Dream Center, a non-profit Christian outreach dedicated to helping inner cities. The young people enrolled in the Master's Commission are obviously well-equipped with a sense of humour.

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