Sunday, 24 September 2006

Travesty of justice in Libya

Reader_iam at Done With Mirrors is making an impassioned plea for anyone with a conscience to do something concrete to help the medical workers facing execution in Libya. One Palestinian doctor and five Bulgarian nurses are charged with deliberately infecting children in their care with AIDS. The medical evidence which exonerated them was thrown out of court, presumably because it made the Libyan hospital system look bad. Their lawyers, from Lawyers Without Borders, believe that only international pressure can help them now.
Write, blog, call--whatever. Do something. And if you're a scientist in a relevent field, do whatever you can do, or if you know someone who is a scientist in a relevent field, ask him or her to speak out, in whatever fashion, and/or contact appropriate professional organizations or affiliations.

Being neither a lawyer nor a scientist, I certainly can't contribute any expertise, but I do plan on writing Peter Mackay, minister of Foreign Affairs, Stephen Harper, prime minister, and John Baird, my local MP. Not much, but every little bit helps.

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